About University


By actively engaging in scientific activities and research at national and international level and contributing to the country`s science and technology producing knowledge on the global level; to educate people aware of scientific theory with the basic skills necessary for producing knowledge and to act  as a bridge to transfer scientific knowledge to the public.



To become a modern scientific centre known internationally, preferred and accepted by the scientific community and public with an understanding that supports science and scientific production of man.



Bounding Universal Values,

Having Professional Competency,

Opening to New Critical-thinking,

Being Respectful to National Values,

Being Industrious and Productive,

Being Reliable, Respectable and Responsible,

Respecting to Humanity,

Having Analytical Thinking,

Leading Innovations,

Being Fair and Objective,

Having Environmental Consciousness,

Having Free and Polyphonic Consciousness,

Being Limitless University



Cankiri Karatekin University (CNU) was established with the act promulgated in Official Gazette dated 29.05.2007 by incorporating the Faculty of Forestry, Technical and Business College, College of Health previously annexed to Ankara University. In addition, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts previously annexed to Gazi University. In 12 September 2008, Prof. Dr. Ali İbrahim Savaş was appointed as the rector.

Since then, many academic and administrative structures have been established. Besides the available academic units, Kizilirmak Vocational College, Yaprakli Vocational College and Vocational College of Health Services, Faculties of Literature, Science, Engineering, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences have been established. Cankiri Karatekin University has over 7000 students in 2008. 

With a young generation academicians, CNU has the vision of becoming one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey through making contribution to the development of the sciences, humanities, and technology serving not only academia but also the community at large.



Higher education in Çankırı started with correspondence education dependent on Ministry of Education at Taşmescit Campus in 1976. Two-year institute of education was established in 1980.
After the higher education law numbered 2547 introduced in 1982, Technical and Business College which was dependent on Ankara University has been established in Çankırı Taşmescit Campus. Technical and Business College now has 15 departments with 4750 students which had 3 departments and 200 students in 1983.
Technical and Business College, Faculty of Forestry, Vocational College of Health Services were established in the period of Ankara University (1983-2006) and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts were founded in the period of Gazi University (2006-2007).
Within the establishment on 29 May 2007, the faculties and colleges which were established in Ankara and Gazi Universities has been incorporated into Çankırı Karatekin University by act of law.
And in the period of Çankırı Karatekin University, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Engineering and other units (Four-year Colleges, Vocational Colleges, Graduate Schools, Rectoral Application and Research Units, Rectoral Units) has been established.
After a 4 year work starting in 2008, Uluyazı Campus which is 6 km far from city center has been established. Rectorate, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and supporting units (joint lecture halls, dining hall, sports hall, library) have been moved to Uluyazı Campus. There are also Taşmescit Campus, Ballıca Campus, Faculty of Forestry, Vocational College of Health Services, Faculty of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Applied Sciences in Çankırı apart from Uluyazı Campus. And in Kızılırmak, Yapraklı, Eldivan, Çerkeş, Ilgaz towns there are four-year colleges and vocational colleges. The University has completed its organizational structure in a short time by election of Rector in September 2008.
University has been developing according to strategic plan. The number of students consisted of 11.500 in 2016, will be aimed to be reached more than 15.000 in 2021. University takes precautions while developing the quality of education. Çankırı Karatekin University has been operating variety of projects in order to develop collaborations and relations with African Countries especially with Sudan. University management has been planning to educate 500 students from at least 30 Countries until 2021 at Çankırı Karatekin University.